Welcome to the Innovations in Science Teacher Education journal!

We are pleased to announce that Volume 8, Issue 1 of the Innovations in Science Teacher Education journal is now available.

We are also extremely thankful for our dedicated editorial review board members who always provide insightful comments and suggestions to authors.

Call for Editorial Review Board Members

Are you interested in serving on the Editorial Review Board (ERB) for  Innovations in Science Teacher Education? If so, we would love to have your expertise on the board.

We are seeking any (and all) interested ASTE members from different stages in their careers and/or working in a variety of contexts (i.e., university faculty members, graduate students, and formal or informal science educators working in the private sector or nonprofit centers focused on science teacher professional development).


  • Established record of publishing in, or reviewing for, peer-reviewed science education practitioner or research journals.
  • Prior experience as a reviewer for grants or other scholarly works.
  • Expertise in teacher education (preservice, induction, and inservice).
    • Areas within these domains can focus on curriculum development, technology, or informal settings.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Read and evaluate approximately 4–6 manuscripts per year in a timely manner (within 4 weeks of receipt).
  • Provide written reports and formative feedback on submitted manuscripts using the criteria and evaluation form provided by the editors.
  • Maintain membership in the Association for Science Teacher Education.
  • Commit to serving on the ERB for 3 years (ERBs will be reviewed yearly).
  • Provide feedback to the editors about the journal direction and review process.
  • Help recruit high-impact authors for the journal.

To apply, please submit electronically in a SINGLE PDF the following materials to Sarah Boesdorfer at by Wednesday, March 15, 2023:

  • One-page letter of interest that includes a list of at least three areas of expertise (may include very specific areas) in science teacher education in which you would be comfortable reviewing manuscripts.
  • Two-page vita that emphasizes publications in refereed journals, especially practitioner journals, and includes any previous reviewing or editing experience.

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding the Innovations journal, please contact the editors, Sarah Boesdorfer and Rebekka Darner.

Sarah Boesdorfer (L) & Rebekka Darner (R)

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