It’s Been an Exciting Journey, so Thank You!

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Boesdorfer, S. & Darner, R. (2023). It’s been an exciting journey, so thank you! Innovations in Science Teacher Education, 8(4). Retrieved from
by Sarah Boesdorfer, Illinois State University; & Rebekka Darner, Illinois State University

In January 2021, we began our journey as the editors of Innovations in Science Teacher Education. As we all know, they were strange times. Many of us were recovering from being thrown into fully online teaching for the first time. We were called to take a fresh look at how we must make our teaching and institutions more equitable, accessible, and inclusive. We were all trying to figure out what the spring semester of 2021 and beyond might look like. These challenging times have led to novel thinking, and Innovations has promoted innovations to address these emergent challenges.

We are proud to have led Innovations as we all discovered a “new normal.” We were able to encourage and publish articles thinking about science teacher education in new hybrid ways that we might not have considered prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world continues to evolve, we are proud to support the publication of strategies, courses, and programs for helping inservice and preservice teachers equitably support diverse student populations in learning and pursuing science or STEM. We added Guest Editorials to provide experts with another platform to discuss and promote important issues in science teacher education, which we hope has helped to extend the reach and impact of Innovations and ASTE. None of this would have been possible without those dedicated professionals who submitted their work and those who provided their reviews and support as Editorial Review Board members.

We want to say thank you to Innovation readers, authors, Editorial Review Board Members, and ASTE for our time as editors over these last 3 years. You have provided support, inspiration, and purpose during our time as coeditors. We thank the founding editors, Ron Hermann and Rommel Miranda, for building such a strong foundation on which we could flexibly build within the unexpected environment we all found ourselves in. We also thank John Rhea, the outgoing ASTE Director of Electronic Services, who made some of our tech dreams come true and helped navigate issues as they arose. We thank the amazing Amanda Fain, Technical Editor, for her exceptional knowledge of APA and thoughtful editing. Finally, we thank our graduate editorial assistants, Fabio Setti and Lexi Colwell, for helping us look good. Editing Innovations would have been impossible without these critical folks!

As Innovations continues under new leadership, we are appreciative of our time with you, the lessons we have learned, and the opportunity to serve ASTE. We are glad we could do our small part for this wonderful and supportive community. We look forward to seeing future innovations and developments published in Innovations to inspire our own teaching and work with science teachers. As we move forward, taking with us all the lessons we have learned, we continue to value what Innovations and ASTE provide to the science teacher education community and its growth.

In appreciation,

Sarah and Bekky

Outgoing Editors Drs. Sarah Boesdorfer and Rebekka Darner