Reflecting on a 5E Lesson with Preservice Elementary Teachers: Providing an Opportunity for Productive Conversations about Science Teaching

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Bradbury, L. (2017). Reflecting on a 5E lesson with preservice elementary teachers: Providing an opportunity for productive conversations about science teaching. Innovations in Science Teacher Education, 2(2). Retrieved from
by Leslie Bradbury, Appalachian State University


This article describes a guided reflection activity in an elementary science methods course.  The author details how she videotaped model “Explore” and “Explain” sections of a 5E lesson in her methods course and then systematically reflected on the teaching episodes with her students (Bybee et al., 2006).  Templates for data collection and guiding questions for the reflections are included along with a student work sample.  The author outlines what she and her students learned from the experience.

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